This is the first time on record this has happened.


By the time September hits we're ready to say goodbye to the heat and humidity, and hello to the Fall crisp air that should be moving in. However this year it was a different story. In fact last weekend I went camping with my family, and instead of bonfires and hoodies, we wore shorts and sat as far away from the fire as possible because it was just too hot to enjoy being around it. We mostly used it to help keep the bugs at bay.

The National Weather Service Paducah Kentucky shared on Facebook that in the month of September, Evansville specifically observed all 30 days of temperatures at or above 80 degrees. The last time something close to this happened was in 1939 when 27 of the 30 days hit 80 degrees. That makes this September a super hot one.

Evansville, Indiana just observed a September with high temperatures at or above 80 degrees on all 30 days of the month. This had never happened before since records began in 1897. Back in Sept. 1939 they had 27 of the 30 days hit 80 degree

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