Now that the shock of #CAKEGATE2023 has faded a bit, we have found some amazing local bakeries that are still offering decorated cakes.

Chase's 2nd birthday was all about Handy Manny. Photo by Liberty
Chase's 2nd birthday was all about Handy Manny. Photo by Liberty

 What is #CAKEGATE2023?

Well, just in case you missed the big news from the Donut Bank late last week, let's recap their announcement.

 Donut Bank announced that they would no longer be selling custom-decorated cakes.

This news was absolutely devastating to families that have made Donut Bank cakes a tradition. In fact, most of the social media reactions did not favor this decision.

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Although we will not be making decorated cakes, we WILL continue to make cake squares and cupcakes, which are baked fresh daily and topped with our made from scratch icing. We are excited to offer more cupcake options of flavors, fillings, icings and designs. We will also have new Super Sized long johns and glazed donuts available for parties and events, as well as our fondant iced butter cookies which customers can order custom designed.
Last years theme was Five Nights At Freddys. Photo by Liberty
Last years theme was Five Nights At Freddys. Photo by Liberty

 What Other Cake Options are out there?

If your family has had that Donut Bank cake tradition, you are probably freaking out about where to get a cute cake after April 24, 2023. We actually have a variety of local bakeries that are chomping at the bit to get your business. You can also get some nice cakes at grocery stores and yes, big box stores.

  • Schnuck's
  • Meijer
  • Walmart
  • Sam's Club
  • Costco

Keep Your Celebrations Sweet: 10 Evansville-Area Bakeries Serving up Decorated Cakes for Every Occasion

We have a great selection of local bakeries that offer custom-decorated cakes. Here are some of the delicious options in the Evansville, Indiana area.

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