Forty nonprofit organizations in five states have each won $25,000 from State Farm Insurance. Two of the very worthy causes are right here in Evansville.

How could two Evansville organizations be lucky enough to be awarded $25,000 each? It wasn't luck. It took a lot of prayers and a lot of community members voting for their favorite causes.

Many Years of Serving Communities

For the past ten years, State Farm has awarded grants to organizations that are 'Doing good in their neighborhood'. It's called the State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant program.

And the Winners Are...

Youth First: Stronger Mental Health for Students

Judith Knust sent in the nomination for Youth First, Inc. I really didn't know what this organization was about until my family utilized their services. Youth First is the only organization that provides Masters level social workers in area schools and prevention programs for youth and families. My son is in a new school, after doing virtual classes last year. He's experienced a lot of change and grief in the past year, and sometimes sad feelings come out at school. Thankfully, there is a Social Worker at his school, and he was able to talk with her about his issues. 

  • This grant will provide the seed money to provide Youth First Social Workers and prevention programs for 5,900 currently unserved students in 12 Evansville schools: Cynthia Heights, Daniel Wertz, Hebron, Highland, McCutchanville, Oak Hill, Scott, Stringtown, Tekoppel, and West Terrace elementary schools, as well as Perry Heights Middle School and New Tech Institute.

 Hangers - the EVSC Student Clothing Resource

Hangers was nominated by the Director, Dave Schutte. The staff and volunteers at Hanger's have a mission to make sure that all EVSC students have clothes, shoes, coats, and personal hygiene items. When the students are brought to Hangers, they are able to pick out the items they want, it's not just a bag of supplies. For some children, this $150 will provide them with the only pair of shoes or coat they will get this year.

  • With the $25,000 support from State Farm, clothing for 250 students would be provided.

At the end of the check presentations, Mayor Winnecke proclaimed November 5, 2021, to be 'State Farm Neighborhood Assist Day in the City of Evansville.'

Liberty DeWig
Liberty DeWig

Fun little sidenote Indiana tied with Kentucky for the most organizations chosen for the grants.

Watch the Check Presentations to Hangers, EVCS Clothing Resource and Youth First:

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