There are so many incredible stories of rescue dogs rising like phoenixes from the ashes of a bad past, and Candy's story is one of those. You may remember back in April, an Evansville business found a dog that was dumped near their location by her owner.  That dog is now named Candy.  Candy's story touched the hearts of many on social media because the security cameras at Salvage Candy in Evansville caught the heartbreaking moment Candy's owner dumped her on the side of the road.

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In the video you see a truck pull up and a man get out of the driver's seat, you see him walk around to the passenger side. Then as the truck pulls out you see a dog (Candy) frantically chasing her owner wondering why she was left behind.  The video made me tear up watching it because I don't understand how anyone could do that to their dog, their faithful companion.  I understand times can be hard and sometimes you don't have the option to keep your dog, but then you do right by your dog and get them to a safe place where they can be rehomed. We have so many wonderful rescues and shelters in our area, there is no excuse for abandoning your dog on the side of the road.    Candy is lucky she wasn't hit by a car or attacked by another animal.  Thankfully the kind folks at Salvage Candy saw the footage on their security camera and knew they had to do something.  They released the footage to social media and got Candy to trust them so they could catch her.  It Takes a Village No-Kill rescue stepped in and took Candy into their care without hesitation.

Now here it is, June a couple of months later and Candy's story is totally different. On June 12th, It Takes a Village posted a sweet update about Candy.   Candy found a foster home that was willing to take her in and love her. Now she's found her forever home with a family who loves her and can't imaging abandoning her.  From abandoned on the side of the road to lounging on a comfy couch in a home where she is loved, Candy truly is living the sweet life.

Thank you to Salvage Candy for your big hearts and for helping Candy get to a safe place.  And thank you to It Takes a Village who stepped in to help make sure Candy's story had a happy ending.   Oh and if you didn't put two and two together, her name comes from the name of the business that saved her, Salvage Candy.

This story was really important for me to share because this story truly shows the resiliency of dogs, and how a little love and a comfy couch can make a huge difference.  I hope you'll consider rescuing your next furry best friend, as the owner of two rescue pups, I can honestly say, it's the best thing you'll ever do.

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