Damsel Brew Pub just launched a new beer, Trixxie, and she has a fond fruity twist!

Damsel on Wabash near Franklin Street is no stranger to thinking outside of the box when it comes to their beer flavors.  They've even combined the Tri-State's favorite chip, Grippos and beer.  Somehow they were able to put the BBQ chips into the brew, and it was a surprisingly delicious combo. Now they're tackling a childhood favorite, Trix.  Today on Facebook Damsel shared Trixxie, the newest Damsel to their ever growing and rotating line of craft brews. According to their post the new brew is made with Trix the fruity cereal we loved as kids (and honestly still do today).  They said if you're a fan of radlers you'll be a fan of their latest creation.

I definitely can't wait to stop in and give this one a try.

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