Religion is a very touchy subject with a lot of people, including me. So I'm not going to make this blog about the religion, it's more about what these people are doing.

An Evansville church has decided to change it's policy on homosexuals in the congregation. This church is known for accepting homosexuals, but now has decided not too?????? WHAT?

It was said on news 14, current openly gay individuals can be grandfathered in but the new openly gay people will be on a case to case basis. - My thoughts on this ....

First of all -  WHAT!!??!!??!!!???!!

Second - How are you going to accept your current gays and not the rest????????

"A church member says days ago the church took another look at its mission statement and decided the homosexual lifestyle doesn't fit in the statement." - 14 WFIE - (really???????)

How can you just say that you can accept openly gay people, then say oh wait, we can't now!

I'm just in awe of this whole situation! I have so many questions about why this is happening, who has a say in changing this "policy", if a work-place cannot discriminate, how can a church?

Isn't going to church about praising God and coming together as a church to support each other? -That's how I was raised, when did this change?

I understand that people have different views and when it comes to their religion, every religion has their views on the homosexuality, but if this church could accept them as people, but now they cannot - what is going on in this congregation???

What are you thoughts?