There is a small local business that is really important to one Evansville community and due to local sewer construction, their business is dwindling. If you live in Downtown Evansville, getting something as simple as a gallon of milk can mean a drive across town or it can mean a quick trip down the street to the local Haynie's Corner market known as Fountain View. This little mom and pop shop has all of the essentials like milk, soft drinks, snacks and more and is a great benefit to the local downtown community.

Unfortunately, this small business is in danger thanks to current construction on the city's sewer system happening on the surrounding streets. Literally 3 of the 4 streets at the intersection that houses the shop are closed - there are even barricades directly in front of the store! As you can imagine, this has to be impacting business, especially since the work looks to be continuing for a while. So how can you help? Visit the store anyway. It may not be convenient to get to right now, but this is one of those moments where supporting local is incredibly important. Stop by the Fountain View market and pick up a soda or some chips - maybe a gallon of milk - even if you don't live in downtown. Here's the original Facebook post that shared what is going on.

But it's not just happening in Haynie's Corner either. There are businesses like Honey Moon Coffee Co. and Rust & Ruby Salon that are being impacted in a similar way. The ongoing construction on South Weinbach, near UE, seems to be never ending and again, these local businesses are suffering. So again, even though it may not be convenient, visit them anyway. Make the effort to support local.

Fountain View Market is located at 37 Adams Avenue

Honey Moon Coffee Co is located at 612 South Weinbach

Rust & Ruby is located at 606 South Weinbach

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