When it comes to fun and effective charity events, it doesn't get much funner (I realize it's 'more fun') than a good ol' bowl-a-thon. Many non-profits have hosted such events over the years, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Evansville and Susan G. Komen. I want to tell you about an upcoming bowling fundraiser that isn't for a particular non-profit organization but could save kids' lives nonetheless.

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Evansville's Lydia Johnston has teamed up with the Roughnecks Motorcycle Club in an effort to raise enough money to equip Vanderburgh County school buses with cameras for their stop arms. The goal is to raise enough money to purchase two cameras per bus, which she says will cost approximately $7,600.

Why Do School Bus Stop Arms Need Cameras?

The simple answer - and I don't know if we need more justification than this - is to reduce the number of children injured or killed by vehicles that disregard the stop arm. The cameras are mounted on the stop arm and automatically start recording once the arm is extended. The cameras will capture any illegal and reckless driver, allowing local law enforcement to get involved. Hopefully, knowing there is no way to avoid being noticed or caught will be enough of a deterrent for drivers, thus saving more kids' lives. Yay!

Bowling Fundraiser Details

Lydia is hosting this event on Saturday, March 26, 2022, from 12n-3pm at AMF Arc Lanes on Evansville's east side. Participants will need to form a team of six bowlers, with each team member to find sponsors who are willing to pledge 25 cents per pin knocked down within three hours of bowling. All funds raised will go to the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation Foundation, which says

It's been great having these conversations with her (Lydia) and our transportation department over the past year to raise awareness of this issue in our school corp. and community, and also for the chance to raise funds to support the initiative!

How to Sign Up a Team

If you'd like to lace up some funky shoes and hit the lanes, you need to contact Lydia to get an entry form and to confirm your team's participation. Email her (lydia.johnstonbell.@gmail.com) or 270-781-9531.

[h/t: tristatehomepage.com]

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