Evansville Animal Control took to Facebook to ask for donations of treats and kitten formula. They currently have a lot of residents that they want to take extra good care of. You can drop off a donation of treats or KMR kitten formula to their location during normal business hours Monday-Saturday 10A-5P, and they're located at 815 Ulhorn Ave.

Trick or Treat, give us something good to eat...
We are currently looking for donations of treats (no rawhides) and KMR for kittens that come in without a mom. If you are out and about and would like to drop some off at our shelter, we are open Monday-Saturday 10-5. We can guarantee that you will make our staff and animals smile
And while you're there, consider taking a walk around to view check out the adoptable animals. Who knows, you may just meet your next furry best friend!  Did you know you can adopt directly from Animal Control?  You can! If you aren't sure if adopting is right for you, but you want to help, you can also foster through local rescues.  Many of which pull animals from Evansville Animal Control.
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