These days it seems like everything is just getting more and more expensive, and that's true.   It's affecting everyone in some way or another, but one local restaurant recently decided to speak up about the struggles they're facing behind the scenes.

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Thai Papaya Cuisine in Evansville recently took to Facebook to show the struggles they are currently facing behind the scenes as a local business.  While it can be easy to just look at menu prices increasing and get annoyed, it turns out there's a reason the prices are increasing, and for many restaurants, it is out of their hands.  Thai Papaya Cusine shared the following on Facebook explaining their costs:

Dear Thai Papaya Cuisine Customers:
To give you some perspective, we would like to give you an example of what our restaurant as well as other restaurants and small business owner are dealing with:
Fryer oil a year ago was $21, today it is $44. Chicken was $33 a case, today it is $105. Togo boxes was $25, today it is $95. Everything in our restaurant as well as all the others have doubled, if not tripled.
We are not adding $1-$3 more on our meals to get rich, it is to stay in business and fight for another day. We appreciate our customers that eat here or at any other local establishment.
Thank you for supporting us!
With cost increases like this, it's no wonder they may have to increase their menu prices.  I really do appreciate this local business opening up about their struggles, and sharing what's happening behind the scenes. If one local business is feeling this way, I can imagine most are in the same boat.
So take this as a reminder to support local businesses, and if you notice costs going up on the menus, give them grace, because I'm sure raising those prices is the last thing they want to do.

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