For the second year in a row, ESPN2 will become ESPN8: The Ocho for 24 hours.

If you missed out on the ESPN 8 and the Moxie Games last year, check out what you missed out on here. But for those of us that watched last year and want more, good news IT'S BACK AGAIN THIS YEAR!

On August 8th, for 24 hours, ESPN2 will become ESPN8 The Ocho once again!

Of course, the day will begin and end will a showing of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, and have the Skyzone Ultimate Dodgeball Championship and the 2018 Dodgeball World Cup.

Some other games throughout the day include:

-Major League Eating
-World Championship of Ping Pong
-Fenway Hurling Classic
-Premiere League Darts
-Light Saber Dueling
-Chess Boxing

And of course, the Moxie Games. Games that use a combination of activities into one. Like dodgeball and juggling, martial arts and volleyball, and table tennis and soccer.

Get the full ESPN8 schedule here, and details on what some of those sports I listed above actually are.

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