There are few things in life that I dislike more than a thief but I especially dislike a thief who steals from the elderly. The Evansville Police Department are currently searching for information about two people who have been stealing purses on Evansville's east side. One person distracts the victim while the other suspect takes the purse. If you're wondering what they are doing with them, I'm sure you won't be surprised that they are then taking the victim's credit cards. It's happened twice, both times on the east side. One victim is a 91 year old woman who was enjoying a meal in a restaurant. The other theft took place in a retail store. According to the Evansville Police Department, one of the suspects has been captured on security cameras and is believed to be "a black female wearing a black and white stripped dress." The EPD also says that they do not have enough information regarding the second suspect to release a description at this time. If you recognize the woman in the photos below, please contact EPD Detective B. Wies at 812-436-7979. Refer to case #19-13851 and #19-14635.

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