EPD really are the best of the best, and we are very lucky to have them keeping us safe in Evansville! 

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You may have heard earlier today that there was rumor of a threat made on social media against Eastland Mall. EPD takes these things very seriously, and are  investigating the matter. While EPD has  not made any statements with further information, they did address the issue earlier saying that they were investigating, and would have increased presence in the area of the mall.

Now if you know EPD, you know they have worked hard to build a relationship with the community, and they absolutely go above and beyond when it comes to protecting and serving.  They even managed to have a lighthearted moment while patrolling the mall that ended up with Sgt. Jason Cullum almost getting stuck in a child sized police car!

In the caption for the video it says:

In light of the recent social media post that suggested a very serious threat to Eastland Mall, we took a very serious and proactive approach to assuring our citizens and visitors that they would be safe. We placed both seen and unseen safeguards at the location. While doing so we noticed that mothers, fathers, and family members alike had their children with them and noticed the increased presence. In an effort to let them know we were on the job we had a light hearted moment with kids. Thank you for letting us serve you.

We absolutely appreciate everything you do EPD!


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