Vintage, vintage, vintage. If it's vintage, I'm interested. It's why I try to find flea markets whenever I'm traveling. And, to be honest, some parts of the country don't do it as well THIS part of the country.

And when I say that, I'm including Tennessee and Indiana, as well as Kentucky, where I've always struck gold when I was looking to strike gold. My sister even found the identical twin of a doll she got for Christmas when she was 3 years old...60 YEARS AGO.

The Nashville Flea Market Is Enormous

Occurrences like that one are why I hit up Goodwill Stores and the various flea market establishments we have here in Owensboro. And what I need to do is to get back down to Nashville and check out that enormous flea market at the fairgrounds. I've only ever been flea marketing once in Music City, and it was a good while back AND I didn't find anything because I wasn't as into that sort of thing as I am now. In fact--and don't come at me--I waited in the car. Dark days, indeed.

But you'll need to work around the Nashville Flea Market because it's only open on the fourth weekend of every month for shoppers. So keep this calendar handy.

The Nashville Flea Market Is Ready for Christmas

However--and this is a big HOWEVER--November 17th through the 19th is NOT the fourth weekend in November, and the Nashville Flea Market will be open for its holiday preview.

Just How Big IS the Nashville Flea Market?

While there were 500 booths at the time, the Nashville Flea Market CAN grow to some 2,000 booths, according to the Nashville Fairgrounds website:

The Nashville Flea Market at The Fairgrounds Nashville is considered one of the top ten flea markets in the country. Approximately 800 to 1200 dealers and vendors from 30 states offer their wares to the buying public every month. With an average of 2000 booths, The Tennessee Magazine and Busy Bee Trader continue to vote the Nashville Flea Market as the #1 FLEA MARKET in Tennessee.

Spend a little time with the Bearded Pickers and check out all of THEIR discoveries (man, I want to go really bad):

The Nashville Flea Market Is a Thrifter's Paradise

Thrifters like Abigail Holcomb have really hit the jackpot at the Nashville Flea Market.

Maybe you'll hit the jackpot, too. And hitting the jackpot at a place like the Nashville Flea Market is EXACTLY what an enthusiastic Christmas shopper should do.

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