Fall Festival would normally be right around the corner, but 2020 had other plans. Since the annual even which serves as a massive fundraiser for many area non-profits has been canceled, many places are taking their booths to the streets.  It Takes a Village has a booth each year at the Fall Festival that serves up some of my favorite food, Cajun food!

This year they'll be serving up these delicious treats from October 7th-10th at the corner of Green River and Vogel in the parking lot of Daisy's Pet Playground. On the menu are the Cajun classics they usually serve at Fall Fest.

  • Cajun Catfish Sandwich
  • Jumbalaya's Drunken Cousin (my favorite)!
  • Boudin Balls
  • Cajun Hush Puppies
  • Black Bean Veggie Burger
  • Corn Dog
  • and their famous White Chocolate Bread Pudding (a favorite of Kat's)!

I only eat Cajun food twice a year, and that's at Mardi Gras and when I stop by the ITV Fall Festival booth, so I'll definitely have to stop by to get my fix of Jumbalaya's Drunken Cousin!


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