Being a mom is a tough job hand's down. You're the go-to person when your better half tells the kids "I don't know, ask your mom". You're a chef, a chauffeur, a receptionist, and a myriad of other titles. But sometimes, mama has got to cut loose. 

Mother of three, Serena Curtis, decided to get sloppy with her friend. After finishing two bottles of wine, Curtis thought it would be a great idea to try and sit in her child's high chair.   That was when she got herself wedged in the chair.

After an hour of struggling, and with no help from her smartphone wielding friend, Curtis had to be cut out of the seat by firefighters. And once again I think our first responders are vastly underpaid.

Not to worry, Curtis's kids were with a babysitter when the drunken incident went down. She also said she hasn't told her son about the incident that caused his high chair to become damaged.

Although Google and YouTube will come in handy when he is older (for an added laugh check out the link to the story).