Well we have to give the kid some credit, he just turned 21 so maybe he didn't have a handle on his booze... or bladder.

The Kitsap Sun reports that a 56 year old, who lives with his 80 year old mother, was awakened by the sound of someone urinating in the hallway of his apartment. It wasn't until his mother started screaming that he knew something wasn't right (my guess is the mother urinates in the hallway frequently).

That's when he found a 21 year old man cuddled up next to his mom.

The 21 year old said he was 'passing out', when asked why he was in bed with a woman four times his age. When the police arrived, they said the man told them the whole story.

He had been drinking and playing video games with his buddies, and entered the wrong apartment by mistake. He also apologized and offered to pay for the damage, and claimed he didn't remember urinating in the hallway.

Peeing in the hallway and cradle robbing, that 80 year old knows how to get 'em young.


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