I love working downtown, I feel like I'm in the heart of Evansville and I always enjoy taking walks on my lunch breaks to get some fresh air.  On my walk the other day I spotted a really cool sight, a beach downtown! The Children's Museum of Evansville (or cMoe) has brought back their 5th Street Boardwalk again this year. So if you're wanting to get a taste of the beach life without driving too far, you can check out this fun pop-up beach downtown.


It's located on 5th Street just in front of the Children's Museum of Evansville. They did this last year and it looks like so much fun.  They named this fun exhibit the 5th Street Boardwalk. Whether you want to sit under an umbrella and stay in the shade or want to dig for some buried "treasures."

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The 5th Street Boardwalk is open to the public during regular cMoe hours, of course since this is an outdoor activity, it is weather permitting each day.  If you haven't been to cMoe recently, you really should check them out! They have so many fun activities for kids to do and they'll learn while doing it! And don't forget when you're by the beach to check out cMoe's musical garden which is all along the sidewalk that runs next to their beach.

If you want to check out 5th Street boardwalk it's open during regular cMoe hours Tuesday-Saturday from 9A-4P. Be sure to follow along with cMoe on Facebook so you don't miss any of their fun upcoming events, and to stay in the loop!

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