Evansville's favorite bakery has made the decision to only serve customers through the drive-thru for the time being.

According to our media partner, Eyewitness News, bakery owners, the Kempf family decided to make the switch "due to health concerns for their staff and patrons."

If you recall, this isn't the first time the bakery has made the decision this year. As COVID-19 cases began to be reported in the spring, they closed all their dining rooms and switched to drive-thru service only. However, as the number of cases started to slow over the summer, and the state began loosening some of the capacity restrictions on restaurants, they unlocked the doors and allowed carryout orders. You still couldn't dine in, but you could at least walk in, and either make or pick up an order.

The good news is they're not closing altogether. You can still swing by the location nearest you every once in a while for your favorite donut, or donuts in my case, and a hot cup of coffee to get your day going.

The new switch starts Tuesday, October 14th (2020) and is temporary, but for how long is unknown. In their statement to Eyewitness News, the owners say they have no set date for when carryout or dine in will be available again.

[Source: Eyewitness News]

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