If there's something strange in the neighborhood, who are you going to call? Well, you don't have to call Ghostbusters for this one, you can do the bustin' yourself!

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Overnight Ghost Hunts

Have you ever been on a ghost hunt?  Personally, I've done ghost tours to learn all about creepy history, but never a ghost hunt. I think it's because I don't know what I'd do if I actually had a creepy paranormal encounter. I'd probably crap my pants if we're being honest here.  But if you're braver than me, you can stay overnight at Illinois' haunted Ashmore Estates and do your own paranormal investigating.

GhostHuntsUSA.com is hosting a few different overnight paranormal investigations at Ashmore Estates.

Ashmore Estates is one of the most storied and haunted buildings in the Midwest.

The energy held within its walls and across its grounds make this one location you shouldn’t miss.

As you make your way through Ashmore Estates looking to communicate with spirits, be forewarned; the spirits here are known to also move about the building and look to communicate with you.

While many have come and gone from this former poor farm and asylum, some of the residents still call it “home”. Won’t you come in?

The overnight hunt takes place from 9 AM- 9 PM.  That's 12 hours of investigating a super creepy place.  If you're interested, their next overnight is on May 20th. 


What's included in your ghost hunt?

When you sign up for the ghost hunt, you get overnight access to Ashmore Estates, you can enjoy ghost hunting vigils, and ghost hunt alongside an experienced ghost hunting team with the use of their equipment. So kinda like hanging out with the Ghostbusters.

Check out this night time investigation of Ashmore Estates:

Why Ashmore Estates?

Ashmore Estates has a long history, and unfortunately, that history includes a lot of death.  It's said that some of the inmates that once resided on the farm at Ashmore Estates, never left and are still roaming around.  You can check out Ashmore Estate's full history, here. 

IllinoisHauntedHouses.com had this to say:

Ashmore Estates is a historic building that first opened its doors in 1916 and operated as an almshouse that was once part of the Coles County Poor Farm. The almshouse was in operation until 1959 before it was purchased by Ashmore Estates to use as a private psychiatric center.

The psych center ceased operation in 1986 and stood abandoned for 20 years before opening as a commercial haunted house. The location is known for being truly haunted and is a paranormal hot spot in Illinois.


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