Anyone up for a road trip? Because this sounds right up my alley! I'm a big fan of Halloween and all things creepy, so when I heard of the Legends & Lanterns Festival held in St. Charles, Missouri I instantly wanted to make plans to attend.

St. Charles isn't too far from the Tri-State either, it's right at about a 3 hour drive from here, so it is perfect distance for a day trip, or an overnight.  The Legends & Lanterns Festival goes on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October through October 25th.

Here's what the Legends & Lanterns Facebook event page says about the festival:

Greetings curious visitors!
Since its inception, the Legends & Lanterns festival’s unique celebration of all things All Hallow’s Eve has experienced it all (witches’ hexes, pirate marauders, even alien invaders!)
But this year, as we commemorate our fifth anniversary season, our merry band of misfits have come face to face with their most dastardly foe yet…the plague!
The effects of this curse have permeated every corner of the globe, and our historic hamlet of Saint Charles is no exception. We beg your indulgence during this season of peculiarities as you note that some of your favorite festival attractions and activities may be experiencing alterations (or in some cases may be postponed until next year).
Rest assured, however that our kooky troupe of ne’er-do-wells have assembled, merging their powers, and casting aside old rivalries (well…for the most part…) in order to provide for you a memorable and (most importantly) safe expEERIEence. May their ghoulish antics allow you to forget (if only for a moment) the troubles of the real world as we welcome you into our fantasy realm where witches reside in candy cottages, talking wolves dress like grannies, and the only thing you have to fear is an unexpected encounter with the Headless Horseman.
We thank you in advance for practicing safe behaviors during your visit and look forward to returning next year bigger and better than ever. Until then, we invite you to join us on a “spirited” journey through Halloween history…
Tell me that doesn't sound awesome?  Legends & Lanterns is now officially on my Halloween bucket list!

See Photos From the Legends & Lanterns Festival in St. Charles

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