The Indiana bat calls the Hoosier state home, but they need our help as they are endangered. Here is how you can help the Indiana bat out.

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Spooky Little Friends

Bats come in all different shapes and sizes and can be found all over the world.  Chances are if you've ever taken a stroll through the Halloween section, you've seen some decor based on these spooky little dudes.  Our winged friends may be well known in horror movies and Halloween decor (and for that one incident with Ozzy Osbourne IYKYK), but did you know bats are actually good for the environment since they are nocturnal pollinators?

The Nature Conservancy on YouTube
The Nature Conservancy on YouTube
loading...  had this to say about bats:

Most people associate pollination with bees and birds but often forget the work of their furry colleagues: bats. Bats take the night shift, playing a major role in pollinating crops and spreading seeds.

So these guys may have a spooky look, but they're really important for our environment.

The Nature Conservancy on YouTube
The Nature Conservancy on YouTube

The Indiana Bat

One thing that I find pretty cool is the state of Indiana is the only state that has a species of bat named after it.  According to the Indiana Department of Wildlife, in 1928 a species of bat was discovered in Wynadotte Cave.

The Nature Conservancy on YouTube
The Nature Conservancy on YouTube

The bat was named the Indiana bat, Myotis Sodalis.  Here is what the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has to say about the Indiana bat:

Did you know Indiana is the only state with a bat named after it? The Indiana bat, myotis sodalis, was discovered in Wyandotte Cave in Harrison County in 1928. The Indiana bat is a highly social bat. Throughout the year, Indiana bats will group in large clusters in caves. The large groups of bats bring many benefits, including keeping them warm throughout the winter and giving more security to the bats in terms of intruders in the cave. More information about our state’s bats can be found at
If you are more interested in all the bats that can be found in Indiana, see

The Indiana Bat is Endangered

Upon learning about the Indiana bat, I also learned that the Indiana bat is one of the many endangered species of bats.   NPS.Gov has shared some really cool and relatively easy ways you can help our spooky little friends out.
The Nature Conservancy on YouTube
The Nature Conservancy on YouTube
My personal favorite is building a bat house in your yard, because not only does it give bats a nice place to hide, but it also can lower mosquitos in your yard, so it's a win/win!

Learn about the bats in your area. Bats are often misunderstood. Share what you learn to help bust some of the myths about bats.

Limit herbicide and pesticide use. Many bats eat insects, and some pollinate plants, so limiting these chemicals gives bats healthy foods to eat.

Garden for bats. What you choose to plant in your garden can help bats! Check out this Guide to Gardening for Bats from Bat Conservation International to get some ideas.

Turn off the lights for bats. Bats rely on darkness to survive and light pollution can disrupt their natural behaviors. Find out how you can help protect the night sky where you live.

Leave bats alone! Avoid disturbing bats, especially if they are hibernating.

Report every close encounter with a bat, but do not touch them.

Build a bat house. Bonus: Having a bat colony in your backyard can help with mosquito control!


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