The Uproar Festival is one of this summer’s biggest treks, featuring such acts as Shinedown, Godsmack and Staind, just to name a few. The trek recently kicked off but before it began we got to speak with Deuce, who shares time on the Ernie Ball stage with P.O.D., Redlight King and others.

Deuce spilled the beans on his touring and partying ways and how he balances the two, while also giving an update on an altercation with his former Hollywood Undead band mates. He also talks about his debut album ‘Nine Lives’ and dishes on his friendship with Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke, who appears on the disc. Check out our candid interview with Deuce below:

How has touring been so far?

It’s going good, the kids are coming out and going crazy, it’s bumpin’ we’re killin’ it. We just keep getting better and better and it’s just cool to see all the kids come out to the shows.

What’s the difference about going on late for a headlining club show versus going on in the early afternoon for Uproar Festival? How do you balance partying at night when you go on early the next day?

You just got to work it. You have to be able to party and work, you got to do both. If you’re partying you better wake up early and get your s— together. You work hard and you play hard. You can’t f— up, you have to have your voice ready for the stage, it’s just forcing yourself and keeping that discipline while having fun at the same time.

Any bands you’re excited to meet and hang out with on the Uproar tour?

Yeah I want to kick it with Papa Roach and Adelitas Way. Shinedown I’m actually a pretty big fan of, they’re super talented and they deserve to be where they’re at right now. Shinedown is definitely a band I want to meet.

You have been touring all throughout this year; any crazy tour stories to share?

Yeah we have, a couple days ago when we were chillin’ with Drowning Pool, we played a festival and we were hanging out with them. I showered and walked out and saw his bus and I was like “What’s up bro?” and he was like “Let’s take some shots” and the dude only drinks hard liquor and I’m a beer guy – this guys is like tequila, vodka so I’m like “Oh stuff isn’t happening” and I’m drinking, drinking, drinking.

Then there are girls over there and we just got so wasted and homeboy had a bunch of f—ing firecrackers and s— and I ended up in the bathroom with some girl and fireworks were going off in the bathroom while I was in there with the girl. My friend Collin was sleeping and they were shooting firecrackers on his ass, it was a f—ing nutty night. It was like WWII while I was getting my d— sucked in the bathroom. [Laughs]

Switching gears a little bit I was wondering if you could share your thoughts on the whole car chase incident with your bandmate Truth.

Yeah, he was just around the wrong people at the wrong time and they just kept getting him on heroin and s— and he never did it before but he kinda got hooked on it. One thing led to another, I mean I would want him to tell the story for himself but he just got around the wrong people.

I also wanted to know how you were doing after the situation with the Hollywood Undead members.

You know when six guys come up and go after you, when you’re drunk – I don’t really see that as a tough lose. If they want to grab one person and I grab one person, I’m a small dude I weigh 140 pounds, if they want to go one on one fine – not six guys jumpin’ you out of nowhere. I don’t know what kind of move that is.

On a lighter note, the new single is ‘I Came to Party.’ Can you talk about that lyrically and musically?

Musically it’s about coming back to the party scene, for a lot of people you kind of take a break from the party scene and then come back to it. It can relate to anybody, it could be for someone who hasn’t gone out in like 20 years and be like, “I want to go out and live life again and see if I could get some b—-s and get wasted.” It kind of brings that out in somebody.

Speaking of partying, I recently saw Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse on Warped Tour and he knows how to get everyone partying and he also worked with you on your album ‘Nine Lives.’ How would you describe your relationship with him?

We have a good relationship, we talk on the phone all the time – I definitely want to do more music with him. He’s a dope artist, he’s killin’ it and I’m proud of him; I want him to succeed and get bigger. He’s a dope guy.

Working on any new material for a sophomore album?

I’m always working. I’m very picky when it comes to stuff so I’ll make a lot of stuff and then I pick the best but that’s how I roll. I’m always writing, always working. We have something set up on our bus so we can keep working on stuff.

After Uproar, what does touring look like for the rest of the year for Big Deuce?

We’ll probably get on something bigger afterwards, something fresh and a little different. We’re just pushing this album right now ‘cause we still have a couple more singles left. ‘Party’s’ comin’ out, the video is comin’ out, people are stoked – the album just came out a couple of months ago so we still got more work to do.

Editor’s Note: Deuce’s ‘I Came to Party’ video has been released. Watch it here.

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