Remember the Papa Roach lyric: "My scars remind me that the past is real"?

Our scars remind us that the past is real… Oh yes, so very very real. And if you are anything like me, you’ve got plenty of them. But, most days I don’t want to wake up and look in the mirror to be reminded of all the “living” I’ve done!

For example, I have some fine lines around my lips from the 15-plus years I smoked. I've been smoke-free for more than five years now. I also have a small, fine scar near my lip line from where a cat jumped on my face while I was sleeping. This is one scar I definitely want to forget. Have you ever had a demon cat jump on your face while you are in a dead sleep? It’s HORRIFYING. You can't really see it except when I wear lipstick or lip gloss; it kind of feathers in that area – it’s really annoying.

So, I recently went to Deja Vu Skin & Vein Center for some Juvederm injections. This plumped up my lips a little bit to remove those lines. The cool thing about Deja Vu, aside from the friendly people who are great at explaining which procedures can help you, is that most of their treatments have a little or no pain and are short enough that you can go there over lunch and return to work without an issue.

Here are some treatments that you might not realize they offer:

1) Botox can relieve the symptoms of teeth-grinding. I actually have ground my teeth since I was a little girl, to the point that if my head is touching the headboard, it makes a noise. This has strengthened my masseter muscles resulting in my face being rounder than it was a decade ago. About a week after the injections, Botox temporarily freezes those muscles, immobilizing them for three or four months. (You can read more from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics here.) Not only do you see the effect of a thinner face but it saves a great deal of wear and tear on your teeth.

2) Botox can reduce excessive sweat (hyperhidrosis). In fact, Deja Vu personnel have been using Botox to treat excessive underarm sweat for more than 10 years and have attended a master class to learn to "successfully treat the scalp, groin, forehead, back, breasts, hands and feet with Botox with minimal pain to the patient," according to the Deja Vu website. Learn more (including how long it lasts, on average) here.

3) Botox can relieve migraines. It's typically used in conjunction with other medical treatment. A patient must "have 15 or more days per month with headache lasting four hours a day or longer" to qualify for Botox treatment, according to the Deja Vu website.

4) They can remove tattoos. I like tattoos; in fact, I have a dozen or so (without actually counting).They each tell a story and have a bit of history to go along with them. The one on my finger, however, that is one piece of history that I'd like to put out of my mind and off my skin. Deja Vu helped me out with that.

5) They can help with male and female pattern baldness. They have a procedure that uses the plasma rich platelets from your own blood to stimulate the hair follicles. It sometimes can be combined with other treatments, too. Learn more here.

Ready to get started? Click here to schedule a free consultation and look for the pop-up window when you first go to their website. You can sign up to receive emails about their specials and other offers.