Remember that story I posted awhile back about a guy that had a few weird dreams about "Dear David" and thinks he's being haunted by David now? Well here's a creepy update: IT GOT WORSE.



Long story short, to get you up-to-date:


-Man has creepy dream about creepy child in his room.
-Man has second dream with a person telling him that creepy child is "Dear David" and you can ask David 3 questions. ONLY THREE.
-Man dreams of David again, asks him three questions. ...Then a fourth. (Oops)
-Creepy things start happening in his apartment. Strange noises. His cats sitting at his front door at the SAME TIME every night meowing as if someone is on the other side.


A few weeks have passed since this "Dear David" story and I thought things had gotten better for Adam.


I was wrong.


Things have escalated.


David has turned his creepy dial up to 11.



But WAIT! There's MORE! Because loitering outside someone door and giving them prank ghosty calls isn't enough, David decided to kick it up a notch...









Adam, I mean this from the bottom of my heart when I say GET THE F*** OUT OF THAT APARTMENT. MOVE FAR FAR AWAY SO DEAR DAVID CAN'T FIND YOU. TAKE YOUR CATS AND GO!


I check on this guys twitter feed every day (@moby_dickhead) just to make sure that Dear David hasn't escalated from "pranky ghost" to "murder ghost". I worry about him. I'm also really worried because he hasn't posted anything in 6 days...


Dear Adam, are you okay?

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