There are so many better options to use your money on than a Jared Leto Joker movie...

Since Margot Robbie is getting her Harley Quinn / Birds of Prey movie, Warner Bros. thought "Hey! You know what people might also like! Jared Leto getting his own standalone Joker film!"

No. No we would not.

Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE a Joker origin story. But this wouldn't be that.

This would be Jared Leto's joker (who, out of ALL the Joker's we've ever seen, is the LEAST FAVORITE incarnation,) getting a standalone movie. No origin story. Just him messing stuff up in the same Suicide Squad world we've been introduced to.

So if WB is looking to just throw their money away on a DC movie, here are some suggestions that might actually make them money:

The Legion of Super-Heroes; AKA: The Legionnaires

We've seen a few versions of the Legionnaires on tv in shows like Smallville and Supergirl. But I'd like to see how Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, and Cosmic Boy all came together in the 31st century to create this futuristic super group. Also, I just really want Brainiac 5 in a movie.


Yeah. There's a Batwoman. Her name is Kate Kane and she's an gay ex-military officer that can kick your ass 6 ways to Sunday.

And she's supposedly going to show up in a crossover episode on Arrow this coming season. But it'd be nice to have a Bat movie that involves OTHER members of the Bat-family besides Batman.

It's not all about you, Bruce.

Batgirl/Barbara Gordon

Please give spunky Barb Gordon her own movie.

Or just make a live action movie of the Killing Joke, where (SPOILER) The Joker finds out where Batgirl lives, shoots her, and leaves her to die. She becomes paralyzed and goes through a lot of mental trauma before becoming a new hero: Oracle.

The only live action version of Oracle we have so far is from the short lived early 2000's show Birds of Prey.

The Red Hood AKA: Jason Todd

Jason Todd is my favorite Robin because his story started off so weird, but ended so tragically.

Beginning: Jason was an orphan that tried to steal the hub caps off of the Batmobile (ballsy). Bruce catches him in the act and decides to adopt him. (Okay?) And then trains him to be the new Robin since Dick Grayson left. (Okaaaaay?)

But Jason's Robin was so different from goody-two-shoes Dick Grayson that fans complained. This street smarts kid had a much different way of dealing out justice. So the comics put the Joker almost beat Jason to death with a crow bar, and then left him in a building that was set to explode, and printed two phone numbers in a page in the comic: Call phone number #1 and Jason lives, call #2 and he dies.

It was a very close call, but by a small majority, Jason died.

Then Jason fans got mad.

So they brought him back with the Lazarus Pit, and he was out for revenge and doing things that Batman "didn't have the balls to do". You know. Like, murder.

Under the Red Hood is one of my favorite DC movies of all time. To make it live action would make my life.

What DC character do you want to see in a movie?

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