Thanks to our friends at Eyewitness News for sharing this story about a couple of dads and their invention that could save the lives of young children everywhere. And it seems especially timely considering the heatwave we've had this summer.

The device is called Sense a Life and, if used properly, it seems like it could eliminate the possibility of leaving a child in their car seat. It's a pretty simple, yet genius concept. It basically uses a pressure pad to detect if there is someone in the car seat. If there is, the driver will be notified through a speaker as soon as he/she opens the door. The driver will also get a notification through their mobile device. Sounds like a life saver to me!

And I don't want to hear any of that "if you can't remember your kid is in the backseat, you shouldn't be a parent" nonsense. Seriously...take that holier than thou attitude somewhere else! If there are steps you can take - whether it's this device or putting your shoe in the backseat - to save a life, you should do it.

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