A few months ago, Sandman did a few posts about abandoned places in town and the people who explore them. This got me thinking, and I really wished we had a creepy old amusement park to explore around here.

That's when I came across this series of photos. You see, Six Flags New Orleans has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina hit the city back in 2005. More than 4 feet of water flooded the park and destroyed 70-80% of it according to Six Flags. That meant the park would cost too much to rebuild, let alone to fix it. So now the park is slowly rusting.

You know, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom was shut down recently. And a friend tells me the rides are still there. I wonder if they'd let me in for pics? A guy can dream, right? However a few brave souls decided to take a chance at going to jail to snap a few pics of the abandoned New Orleans theme park. Check out the few photos I have posted here, but check out the rest on Lovethesepics.com .