It is no secret that the Big Apple has a major rat infestation. Most of them dwell in subway and sewer tunnels through out the city. Now that those "homes" are flooded, where will the rats go? 

Officials say that since rats are good swimmers and can climb, the creatures may have to leave their flooded abodes and go up, where they will encounter the human residents of the city.

Besides being incredibly gross, rats are also host to a number of infectious diseases that could transfer to humans. Diseases like typhus, salmonella and even the plague are known to be passed on from rats to humans.

So far there have been no reports of large swarms of rats making their way to the surface, however quite a few dead rats have been spotted around the city.

The flooding could have also killed off a large number of rats, which could be a good thing for the city. Unfortunately the biggest rat of them all, Donald Trump, is assumed to have survived.

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