Sure we've got a circus going on known as the Republican primary, the economy is still in the toilet, and Iran is developing nuclear weapons. But leave it up to the news media to decide the important issue to cover, Twinkies.

Hostess, the company that makes Twinkies, just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, leave it up to the media to jazz the story up. The fattest country in the world could lose its precious snake cakes!!! The horror!

Its the typical news show creating-fear-where-its-not-needed fashion. Sort of like the wall to wall coverage of a storm cloud in a county far away, that you never been to. Or my favorite "Something you're staring at right now could KILL YOU! We'll tell you more in 10."

Conan ran a montage on his show of news anchors striking fear in to the artery clogged hearts of their viewers. What would we do without our precious TWINKIES??? Lets hope the world never has to find out.