There's a horror movie coming out, that's about two of our biggest fears, clowns...and tornadoes?


We all know what a cinematic masterpiece Sharknado is, in fact it spawned several spinoffs. Well someone has decided to take two more scary things together to create one horror movie juggernaut, Clownado.

What could be scarier? The fear of something you can't control like the weather, along with the creepiness of clowns.  I feel like this movie taps into some of peoples major fears all in one swing!

While the trailer doesn't give much insight as to what the heck the plotline could be, it definitely has tornadoes...and clowns in it, so there's that. Do the tornadoes produce clowns?  Can the clowns summon tornadoes?  Are the clowns a part of the tornadoes?  Many questions are left unanswered.

Now I will warn you, this trailer is NSFW or young ears (and eyes!) there's plenty of gore, and even some cursing. So fair warning on that. 



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