I'm kind of a foodie. I love me some food. Especially donuts.

So since the Evansville Donut Festival is tomorrow morning, I think I'd share with you my 5 favorite donuts.

5. Crumb Cake

I don't know what sort of magical cinnamon sugar goodness the Donut Bank puts IN and ON TOP of this magnificent creature but I love it.

4. Pumpkin Spice

While a lot of people go crazy for pumpkin spice drinks in the fall, I go crazy for pumpkin spice cake donuts. That are my JAM.

3. Bavarian Cream

It's pudding. In a donut. Topped with chocolate. What's NOT to love?

2. Tiger Tails

Or, as I called them when I was a kid, "Twisty MaGoos"


Okay, I don't remember what this donut was called, or if they even make it anymore. But when I was a kid and my family took vacations in Florida, we'd always stop at Krispy Kreme (this was before Evansville got one. So stopping at Krispy Kreme in Florida was a BIG DEAL to us.) And they had a limited time donut that I HAVE NOT SEEN SINCE. It was a regular circular dough (it might have been chocolate dough, now that I think about it...) but it was topped with chocolate, and chocolate cookie crumbles, and filled with chocolate pudding. It was straight up chocolate overload and I was in love from the first bite.

And this donut has evaded me since.

I only had it ONCE and yet it is NUMBER ONE on my donut list. THAT IS HOW GOOD IT WAS.

So if anyone sees this donut, or something similar to it at the Donut Festival tomorrow, please let me know...PLEASE...

And if you need more info on the Evansville Donut Festival click here!

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