On Friday night I took a road trip (I call them "adventures") to Charlestown, IN and proceeded to have the GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's how it all started...

Back in November, I had a friend of mine post some pictures on her facebook page of her and her boyfriend playing with baby tigers. Obviously, my immediate response was to message her and calmly ask where she got to play with these tigers. (The "calm" part didn't work out. It ended up being more of a "OMFG. WHERE ARE YOU??? HOW DID YOU GET ONE!!!??? I WANT ONE!!! I HATE YOU!!! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING!!???????")

She told me that it was at a place called Wildlife In Need in Charlestown, IN (just north of Louisville, KY) and that you could get tickets to "Tiger Baby Playtime" for an hour on certain dates. I checked their website and saw that they only had ONE available date left for "Tiger Baby Playtime" and quickly bought 3 tickets for 6pm on December 4th.

Fast forward to December 4th...Me, my friend Rachelle, and her daughter Lily are on our way to "The Surprise". (Rachelle didn't tell Lily where we were going, so we had to keep referring to it as "The Surprise".)

Photo: Rachelle Allen





















As you can tell, Lily was super stoked...

2 hours later, we arrive! And we learn that it's not just baby tigers we get to play with! They have pug puppies! And an otter named Ollie! And a few baby monkies in diapers! IN DIAPERS! And, of course, the baby tigers!

The highlight of my night began with this picture:

Photo: Chynna Hall





















As a rule, you have to remain seated while the animals are wandering. Lucky Lily got to have a baby monkey put on her shoulder and we wanted a photo. So, I lay down to get a better angle for a picture...and then this happened.

This little furry dude decided that it wasn't "get a picture of Lily time" it was "give Chynna a bath" time.

Photo: Rachelle Allen





















Basically, I was tackled by a baby tiger, given a face bath, given a few nibbles on my face (and one on my boob)....and it was the greatest day of my life. I didn't even care if we made it home. I could die happy.

After we left we stopped off at DQ in New Albany for some foods...and you'll never guess who showed up...

photo: Chynna Hall





















SANTA!!! He walked in while we were ordering and gave Lily a jingle bell and a ribbon that said she was on Santa's Nice List this year! (WHAAAAAAAAAAAT???)

So, all in all, I had an AMAZING Friday night, which I very much needed considering finals are this coming week. This was my last "Treat Yo Self" day for a while and it was a good one.