What?? There's more to do in Santa Claus, Indiana OTHER THAN Holiday World??? YOU BET!


Last week we took a trip to Santa Claus, Indiana to find out what else there is to do there other than Holiday World. Because when you think "Santa Claus, IN" the first thing you think of is Holiday World. But if you drive past Holiday World, literally just a few more feet past the 'Holidog' parking lot, there is a wonderful place called "Santa's Candy Castle".


We take on the world's largest frozen chocolate drink, various flavors of popcorn, a room full of pez, taffy, and questionable jelly beans.


While 90% of my experience here was awesome...The other 10% never wants to see a jelly bean again for the rest of my life. You'll see why...




Be sure to visit Santa's Candy Castle on Facebook too! At Facebook.com/SantasCandyCastle

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