When I think about really old-school Christmases, I'm put in the mind of, say, London or Germany or New England--places where it really LOOKS like Christmas on Christmas Day because, well, they have greater chances of getting white Christmases.


JAPAN has never occurred to me, but now it will every time I eat chicken. (I'm enjoying that sentence, imagining it being read out of context.)

While only a relative handful of Japan's citizens celebrate Christmas--less than 1% of the population is Christian--there are plenty of holiday traditions. And one of the big ones really isn't a big one in the United States--even IF it revolves around one of our nation's most popular restaurant chains.


While I'm writing this, it's just now occurring to me how much Colonel Sanders resembles Santa Claus. That's appropriate because Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC is an absolute must with regards to Japanese Christmas celebrations. And that goes back quite a few years--back to the 1970s when globalization saw several fast food chains open locations all over the globe.

KFC--it WAS referred to as Kentucky Fried Chicken back in the day--was quick on the button with a Christmas campaign that began in 1974. And now, according to JRailPass.com, more than three million Japanese citizens indulge in the colonel's eleven herbs and spices as their big holiday meal every Christmas. In fact, it's part of a big ad campaign there.


If you did click on that link above, then you must have noticed other Christmas traditions celebrated in Japan, like that Japan Christmas Cake. Seriously, sponge cake with a whipped cream filling, frosting, and strawberries? Sign me up. Tokyo Disneyland also gets in on the festivities. And of course, just like we do here, there are lots and lots of holiday lights.

But from everything I've gathered, the one standard-issue tradition is the big Christmas meal courtesy of KFC.

And I think that's fascinating, but I've always been intrigued by how other nations celebrate the holiday season.

I mean, you could do a LOT worse than a plate full of chicken thighs at Christmas.

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