Fourth of July took a terrifying turn for one family in Evansville. According to a statement from the Evansville Police Department, on July 4th, 2019 dispatch received a call that a 5 year old child was stuck in a pipe near Fulton and the Lloyd Expressway. Originally it was believed to have been a sewer pipe, but authorities later learned it was actually an abandoned piece of industrial pipe that had been left behind by a business that had previous occupied the land. The pipe was vertical and the your child was approximately 35 feet down with water at chest level. After a failed attempt to lower a police officer down into the pipe - it was too narrow for the officer to reach the child - the Evansville Fire and Rescue team borrowed a swing from a near by playground, attached it to a rope and then lowered it down, instructing the child to sit on the swing. Rescuers were then able to raise the child out of the pipe. After an evaluation at an area hospital, it was determine that the child had not suffered any serious injuries.

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