I have seen over the past years cities trying to pass laws to outlaw sagging pants! I applaud you! I wish sagging your pants in public was a illegal, this may seem really dumb but IT LOOKS SO STUPID and I really don't want to see your underwear/boxers.

I see kids walking down the road with their pants around their knees with a belt! WHAT?!?!?! That nonsense just needs to stop!

I google searched saggy pants and I found an article on The Smoking Gun.com, a city in Florida voted 3-1 to outlaw sagging pants. Here is what it states:

"to ban “a person in public view” from wearing pants or skirts below the waistline, thereby exposing “undergarments or skin.” The saggy pants ban, city fathers contend, is intended to “protect and preserve the unique character” of Cocoa, a “small family oriented, suburban community.”


It is a $25 fine to sag your pants and repeat offenders can have up to $100 in fines.

ATTENTION "SAGGERS" - Please go and read the origin of which sagging your pants comes from!!!! - Click here. Prison - yes, that's right PRISON!

My other job, I work at a desk with a huge window I stare out of on a day to day basis.....WHAT DO I SEE you may ask.....These people with their pants down to their knees. It is not cute, it is not hot, and is most certainly unattractive! If you have problems buying your pants please take you momma with you. She will help you find a pair that fits just right and you won't have to wear your belt around your knees.




-END RANT Thank you for reading and please pass this on to someone you may know that is a "sagger."



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