If you see this number, that means the dairy is from Holland Indiana!

Glass of the milk.

Chances are if you've been to the grocery store, you've seen or even bought products made by Prairie Farms.  They make all kinds of products from sour cream, to yogurt, and milk. But today I learned Prairie Farms has a number of local dairy farms around the country.  And if you see "Plant Number 18-55" on a Prairie Farms milk, that means the milk is from a farm in Holland Indiana!  And if you see numbers 21-041 that means it's from a farm in Madisonville Kentucky!

According to Francis Lindauer and Son's Dairy Farm if you see this number it means the milk only took 2 days to get from their farm, to our grocery store.

Did you know when you purchase Prairie Farms products you are supporting local farmers like us because it is farmer owned. Also, if you check the top of your milk and the plant # is 18-55 it is from our Holland, IN plant which means it only takes 2 days from farm to grocery store. Come to our open house at our dairy farm this Saturday 1-4:00 est. to see where your dairy products come from and to meet our farmers and cows.

I thought that was pretty cool! What a neat way to help support local.



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