Do you like the 80's? Do you like mash-ups? Do you like to ROCK??? Then Rock Sugar is for you.

This past weekend I went to Indiana Comic Con and got to talk to Jess Harnell (voice of Wakko in the Animaniacs, Jerry in Totally Spies, Scary Terry in Rock and Morty, Ironhide and Barricade in the Transformers movies, Secret Squirrel in 2 Stupid Dogs, and a lot of other really awesome things.)

And you might be thinking to yourself "Chynna, I know you went to comic con and it was awesome. But what does this have to do with your new favorite band?" Well, if you'd let me explain, I'll tell you.

Jess Harnell, as I found out, has a band called Rock Sugar (See? It all comes full circle.) and he was selling CD's at his autograph table. I got to talking to him about the band, and it sounded amazing. (Also, I had a 3 hour drive back home, and I needed some sweet tunes to get me through it.)

I have 2 music weaknesses:

1. the 80s

2. Really well put together mash-ups

Rock Sugar has done all of this. Therefore, they are my new favorite band.

There are two distinct "80s" that people tend to enjoy. "Top 40 80s" and "Hair band 80s". And Rock Sugar mixes them together like they were meant to be together the whole time. It's genius. It's ear candy. I'm in love.

And I know, sometimes people recommend bands for you to listen to and it takes you a few songs to get into the groove...Not Rock Sugar.

Every song is a "one and done" song. As in "you only need to listen to ONE SONG and you will love it."

See what I mean?

I've been burning through this cd in my car for the past 3 days, and so far my favorites are We Will Kickstart Your Phapsody, Crazy Girl (Crazy Train + Jessie's Girl), Voices in the Jungle (Welcome to the Jungle + Voices Carry), Shook Me Like a Prayer (You Shook Me All Night Long + Like a Prayer), and Heaven and Heaven (Warrant + Bryan Adams)

And also, Don't Stop the Sandman

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