Public Vet is a non profit that goes into different communities to host spay/neuter clinic to help limit cat populations.  Cats can reproduce very quickly, and according to one un-spayed female cat and one unneutered male cat and their offspring can produce up to 2,000 more cats in just 4 years.  That's 2,000 unwanted kittens.  The best way to protect your cats is by making sure they are fixed.

If you have outdoor cats that you feed, they should be fixed so they can't reproduce.  Public Vet is hosting a spay/neuter clinic for cats on February 20 & 21 2021 here in Evansville. Here's what they say about the upcoming event.

We will be in Evansville, IN on Feb. 20, 2021, for a cat spay-neuter clinic. If you would like to bring a cat(s), sign up here. CHECK-IN: 8:30 am-9:30 am CENTRAL TIME! Once you complete this form, we will send you check-in information DISCHARGE: Before 7 pm. The exact time is announced at Check-in ALL ANIMALS ARE DISCHARGED THE SAME DAY. COST: The cost of surgery is $80/cat this includes - the medical exam - all surgery costs (including pre-op and post-op pain medication) - any essential services ordered by the attending surgeon - access to the doctor by phone for three days after surgery OTHER SERVICES: You can get many other services for your cat at the clinic. For a list and prices please look at Prices on this site. NEED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE? Pet Friendly Services of Indiana (PFSI) is offering the following financial assistance to needy families. AVAILABLE ASSISTANCE: FERAL CATS - (unsocialized cats that cannot be touched) If you want to bring a cat that is not tame then you need to bring it in a live trap and keep it covered at all times. Our fee is $40 for feral cats. PFSI really wants these cats fixed so they will give you as much financial help as you need for helping them! PFSI requires that all feral cats that get their assistance also get rabies vaccinations, and they can help you cover as much of that cost as you need also. THIS IS A BIG DEAL! IF YOU HAVE A FERAL CAT, THIS IS THE TIME TO GET THEM FIXED! SOCIALIZED CATS - (Indoor, outdoor and barn cats) PFSI can assist with the cost of tame cats as well. If you are struggling with financial concerns, let us know how much you can afford when you sign up and we will request assistance on your behalf. Please remember: PFSI will only assist with the cost of surgery for tame cats so plan accordingly. YOU WILL STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE FOR CHECK-IN AND DISCHARGE We will minimize contact at the clinic. Please make sure you have the correct email address. Please remember: We are a Public Health Organization with a One Health approach. When you register, we will ask information about the humans and the animals in your life, and also about the environment in which you all live. Our staff will be focusing on issues that may be adversely affecting the well being of you and your pets.

To see all the dates, and learn more about Public Vet's initiative, you can find all the info on their website, Pub.Vet.

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