A drug-resistant fungus is spreading across the United States, including the states of Tennessee and Kentucky, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the fungus, known as Candida Auris or C. Auris, poses a "serious global health threat."

Why The CDC is Concerned About Candida Auris

The CDC says that this particular fungus is resistant to multiple, or even all of the current antifungal treatments available. They also say that Candida Auris can be difficult to properly identify, making management of the fungus more difficult. The health organization also warns that the fungus has resulted in outbreaks in healthcare facilities.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC Tracking Candida Auris

The CDC has been tracking clinical cases of Candida Auris across the United States, and they have released that data by state. In 2022, there were reportedly 22 confirmed clinical cases in Kentucky and 8 in Tennessee. There were confirmed cases in every state in America in 2022, except for one - Iowa. Nevada, California, Florida, and New York all topped the list with over 300 confirmed clinical cases in each state.

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What the Tennessee Department of Health is Saying

The first confirmed case of C. Auris in Tennessee was documented in January 2022. The Tennessee Department of Health has echoed the concerns of the CDC by saying this fungus a "can cause high morbidity and mortality." The Tennessee Department of Health says,

C. auris is a type of yeast that can cause high morbidity and mortality, outbreaks in healthcare settings, and can be highly drug resistant. Patients can be asymptomatically colonized for long periods of time, even after an active infection is resolved. A patient is considered colonized indefinitely regardless of prior treatment.

[Source: Centers for Disease Control and PreventionTennessee Department of Health]

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