With genre-fusion powering a ton of modern music, lots of rappers are doing what seemed impossible 20 years ago — picking up the guitar. Some rappers took to the guitar like a fish to water, while others completely embarrassed themselves without even knowing.

When it comes to guitar-playing rappers, Post Malone is easily one of the best. Coming from the world of rock and metal, Posty has spent his career in hip-hop repping the instrument and the long line of players that influenced him. Whether he’s playing an entire Nirvana set or just jamming in a music store, Posty’s respect and dedication to the guitar is plain to see.

Oh Lil’ Wayne… will your guitar fail clip ever not be funny? Lil’ Wayne is one of the biggest and most influential rappers of the 21st century, but his exploits on the guitar have been abysmal. Respect for the open-mindedness needed to bring a guitar into hostile territory, but Wayne’s two-note “guitar solo” with the jankiest clean tone in history is truly a pillar for cringe.

Before their respective deaths, Mac Miller and Juice WRLD both showed some natural talent on guitar. Mac Miller would even play an axe behind his head at live shows, while Juice WRLD would play mournful chord progressions while freestyling. Check out both modern legends and a handful of other rappers playing guitar in the Loud List below.

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