It is cold outside today, and it's looking like we're just seeing the start of it.

andrey pavlov

It's November, and November means Fall, and I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to think we were screwed on "Fall" this year. It seems like we went from 90 and humid, to dreary and cold.  I feel like we completely skipped the beautiful 60s and mild weather we usually get this time of year.

Either way it's time to break out the Winter clothes because it's cold, and it's about to get colder!

According to Southern Indiana Weather, we could see some flurries this evening, but nothing much. The weekend should be dry. However Monday is where Southern Indiana Weather has me a bit concerned. You see currently they've been tracking what could be our first snow accumulation of the season Monday night.

Check out what Southern Indiana Weather has to say about it, here.


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