Surveillance cameras are everywhere. And sure, it has George Orwell spinning in his grave, but they sometimes capture the things no one is around to see. Like that old tree falling in the woods cliche. It can be anything from planes performing crash landings to buildings collapsing.

Yesterday afternoon, the top of a building on the courthouse square in Princeton collapsed. The building houses a Chiropractor and the owner lives above his practice in an apartment. According to News 25, no one was hurt and two cars sustained damage.

News 25 says that Inspectors think the accident may be heat related. Saying that the constant heating and cooling of the bricks, due to the heat, could cause them to expand and loosen.

The entire collapse was caught on tape, thanks to a camera that is mounted on the side of the Princeton Court house. The Gibson County Sheriff's Office posted the footage on their Youtube page. You can view the video below.