I was watching baseball recently. More like, I was catching glimpses of a baseball game during a nap. When a thought entered my head. This sport needs more robots.

Well I need to wish no more! This Wednesday, the Philliebot will take to the mound during a game between the Philly's and the Milwaukee Brewers. The Philliebot will begin the game by throwing the opening pitch.

Unlike the pitching machines you've seen at countless little league games, the Philliebot will actually 'pitch' the ball'. It has an arm that will sling the ball at the batter. A mechanical device hurtling an object at a human, that sounds perfectly safe to me.

The Philliebot wouldn't be breaking the Robo-barrier in baseball, if it weren't thanks to three University of Philadelphia students. It is being featured during the game, because it will be 'Science Day' at the park. If its one thing that science knows, its fun!

So with this robot pitcher you have to wonder if an upgrade would be considered 'performance enhancing'.

See the Philliebot in action below.