After a family cookout this weekend, I am certain that I have tasted the best hotdogs on the market for grilling - and they are local!

close-up of a hotdog
Photo: Stockbyte

We went over to my in-laws house for a family cookout, and my mother-in-law had picked up the burgers and hotdogs at Dewig's. Now, I have had a Dewig's burger before, but I had never had their hotdogs. Let me just tell you now, that these were the best hotdogs I have ever eaten, and they weren't just any ol' hotdog. Nope. These were Angus Beef hotdogs. They were huge! These were the plumpest, juiciest hotdogs I have ever seen and definitely the most delicious. I can hardly believe that I have gone my entire life, and have only now experienced the joy of eating one!

If you've never heard of Dewig's, here's a little info. It's located in Haubstadt. It is a family owned business, and has been for three generations - since 1916. Not only do they offer butchering & processing, but custom cuts as well. They also have a full meat market with over 1200 feet of space. If you are looking to fire up the grill, you should definitely pay them a visit. It's worth the drive to Gibson County!!!

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