Let's face it, some bassists just look bored when they play. They look unenthusiastic on stage, like, "Oh, wow, another night playing in front of thousands of fans. ...This is great, really." I mean, someone just needs to light a fire under their asses! Which is why Mark Hoppus, bassist of Blink-182, has gathered these bassists here today to discuss how we can fix this problem.

"What's going on here?  I mean, does he even KNOW that he's in The Who?"

"Uh-oh! I see something going wrong here! Look, never talk to your drummer during the performance, okay? Yes?"
" Hi, Mark Kitley from the Savage Sewer Survivors. Um, just curious. What if we're talking to the drummer about what we're going to do after the show when the singer and the guitarist are off having sex with groupies?"