So many of rock and metal's best bands have 'The' in their names... and so many of rock and metal's best bands don't have 'The' in their name, but a lot of people mistakenly think they do anyway. We're here to show you 32 Bands That Don't Actually Have 'The' In Their Names to help clear up a lot of longstanding confusing.

No, it's not The Scorpions. It's not The Deftones, nor is it The Ramones.

It's an easy mistake to make, especially as saying certain bands names (or, in our case here, typing them out) sounds quite awkward, even if society doesn't place a lot of focus on using proper grammar in everyday conversation. In some of these cases, we're all well aware we're in the wrong, but we stubbornly do it anyway.

And then there's bands such as Melvins, who have always been a quirky bunch and have a handful of titles under 'The Melvins.' Even Red Hot Chili Peppers started off printing 'The' on album covers and even returned to the format for one mid-'90s album.

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One thing we did manage to clear up is, despite the name being presented as simply Smashing Pumpkins on the band's first two releases, the official name is The Smashing Pumpkins. If you didn't know, "smashing" is applied as an adjective, not a verb, as British slang akin to "very good."

See which bands names you've mistaken over the years and which ones confirm you've been right the whole time directly below.

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