Look, I'm not saying that snuggling baby animals is going to solve all of life's problems, but it could definitely make them disappear for a little while.

I mean really, is there anything more adorable than a little, oinky piglet? What about baby chicks? And don't forget about baby goats! They are like little jumping bundles of screams. If you've never heard a baby goat scream, watch the TikTok video below.

All silliness aside, there really is something therapeutic about petting cute animals and it's just an added bonus full of cute-ness overload if they are baby animals. So if you find yourself in need of loving on some baby animals, you definitely want to check out Trunell's Farm in Owensboro for their Baby Animal Day. It was originally planned for last weekend but because of the rain, it was rescheduled to this coming Saturday, May 1, 2021.

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In a post to the official Facebook Event Page, Trunells' Farm said,

Farm Animal Day RESCHEDULED for Next Saturday, May 1st. Due to the High Chance of Rain in the Forecast, We Believe it is in the Best Interest of Both our Customers and our Baby Animals to Move our Farm Animal Day to Next Saturday 5/1. We Hope to See You There, our Baby Animals are SO Excited!

The event will take place from 11 am to 3 pm on May 1st at Trunnel's Farm located at 4399 Springhill Drive in Owensboro, Kentucky. Grab your kids or your best friend who is totally a kid at heart and make the drive over to visit the baby animals.

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