This kid rocks!!

Photo by Chelsea Poiles
Photo by Chelsea Poiles

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a post from Chelsea P. that I couldn't just scroll past. It was a photo of a kid playing an acoustic guitar that was about as big as he was. Here's what her post said:

I can respect this kids hustle 💪 Hes playing Tom Petty on the corner of Covert and Green. If you're over that way you should throw him a dollar or 2!! Kids now days don't wanna work for nothin. This one's a different breed

I had to know more, because judging by this kids music taste, his parents are doing something right!  I ended up getting in contact with his dad Allen. I learned his son's name is Jackson, and he and his brother Asher have a passion for playing music, and performing in front of people. So what better way to let Asher and Jackson live their passion, than by letting them play in public?  And don't worry, dad is always close by.

Jackson (pictured above) is 12 years old. I spoke with him about playing guitar and here's what he had to say.  He said music is his life, and he's been playing since he was about 2 and a half years old (for the record that's about a decade he's been rocking out!) he said his favorite song to play is 'History' by Tenacious D.  Sometimes when he's playing people give him money, he said he's saving up and wants to use that money to buy a Luna Ukelele.

So if you happen to see Jackson and his brother Asher around town playing guitar, be sure to cheer them on, they're the next generation of rockers, and it's refreshing to see kids take such a passion to music! Rock on Jackson and Asher!



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